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Tuesday Night Group Runs at 6:00 PM leaving from store. This is an all year run with the only exception being statutory holidays. The format is three run options (short, medium or long) between 4 to 9 Km starting and finishing at the store. During the summers months kids occasional join the run (in the event kids do show up for the run then a 2 to 3 Km option is normally offered to them). There is no fee.

Calgary Running Information

We have had a page of Calgary running information and running races for over 10 years now on our Calgary running website. Running is not just about managing a Calgary running shoe store for a living. It’s about runners. A good Calgary running store should have all the best running shoes, running gear AND it should be a place to connect. Follow these Calgary running links and may they be your path to great running fun and success!

Beginners will want to connect with like minded runners and great learning environments. Walking and running are a great start toward a better quality of life. Soon you will be joining Calgary running races, which can include 5K and 10K races. Just like advanced runners or extreme sports addicts, beginners need to pace themselves and make sure to understand running injuries and how best to use necessary equipment. Sometimes it is a good idea to have your running style evaluated and maybe corrected. Gord can recommend running coaches or specialists. Gord’s running store is a great place to start your new favourite sport: running in Calgary!

Advanced athletes also need a Calgary running store they can depend on. You know who you are! People who dedicate hours and hours to training need support from their family and friends AND from people who have been there and done that. Sponsorships are important. No hassle returns are important. Ideas about better training cycles and exercises can be great to share. If you can depend on a local running store with kind people, it makes a world of difference. Of course, the quality of your running shoes or running gear is critical to your success. Ultra marathons, triathlons, marathons, and any other running sport require the right equipment. Gord’s running store supports local Calgary running athletes.

Run For Your Life; care of the Eau Claire YMCA is an interval run program that Gord’s been teaching throughout the year and each session will be anywhere from 8 weeks or up to 13 weeks in duration depending on the time of year and the programming schedule of the YMCA. The format is a once a week quality run workout of any of the following; Hills, Tempo, Fartlek, Anaerobic Threshold, Maximum Volume Oxygen (MVO 2) or Sprints and Strides done in a way to hopefully help people feel more comfortable with running a little faster and a little more efficiently while they use the training companions of other participants to help keep you company while doing interval type training on the Bow River Pathway system in the Eau Claire YMCA vicinity. This program run through the Eau Claire YMCA so registration is necessary care of the YMCA.

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