Petzl 3 x AAA battery pack


3 x AAA battery pack for Petzl


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Triple A battery pack

The battery pack, which holds 3 LR3/AAA batteries, provides a back-up solution in case the rechargeable battery is completely discharged. It allows the headlamp to be used in remote areas where the battery can not be recharged.

-Pack for 3 LR3/AAA batteries, to replace the TIKKA R+/RXP rechargeable battery
-Allows headlamp to be used for activities where recharging the original battery is uncertain
-Constant lighting mode only
-Light output corresponds to 60 % of the output provided with the Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
-Weight (with batteries) : 45 g
-Energy : 3 AAA/LR3 batteries (not included)
-Battery compatibility : alkaline, rechargeable Ni-MH, and lithium

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