Women’s Gortex Spiked Running / Neutral / Low Drop (6 mm)

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Arcus is the name of a cloud formation and this is exactly what this shoe feels like, with its low weight and high cushion. It can withstand tough weather thanks to the waterproof GORE-TEX® Invisible membrane. The membrane is integrated with the upper material, making it even softer and more comfortable than a traditional membrane bootie construction.
This shoe is for the user that wants to have extra cushioning, whether it might be for longer runs, recovery runs or when running with a backpack. To enhance the comfort and great running feeling it has a rocker midsole to reduce pressure on the forefoot and heel and aid the momentum forward – giving a smooth stride. The midsole is made of compression molded EVA which enables a natural dual density where the forefoot has a higher density – giving a more responsive toe-off. This gives great comfort on longer runs and yet provides responsiveness and a great running feeling. The BUGrip outsole has thirteen dynamic studs that provide reliable traction on all winter surfaces.

FOR WHAT: Long distance winter comfort.
WHY WE MADE IT: High comfort level and full cushioning, Arcus is made for long runs or for those that wants more support also at shorter distances.

High cushioning and comfort.
GORE-TEX® membrane.
BUGrip outsole with 13 dynamic carbide steel studs.

DROP: 6 mm
WEIGHT: 11.99 oz / 340 g

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