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Wear this brace during the day.

Braces, rectifiers, correctors, corrective splints for bunions, and more, are a part of the range of solutions available for correcting and alleviating painful bunions. Ones that can be worn during the day are few and far between. EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 corrective bunion splints fit into your sport shoes to reduce pain and retard the growth of a new bunion while enhancing your performance.

FEATURES : The EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 Bunion Brace acts on 3 complementary factors:

CORRECTIVE ACTION : Silicone External with counter-support brace aids in realigning the big toe, limiting pronation and optimising propulsion. During sports, the quality of support is essential to preventing injuries ans improving performance.

PROTECTIVE ACTION : The silicone tendon absorbs the pressure and friction on the exostosis (bunion) and thus avoids the risk of overheating.

SUPPORT ACTION : The metatarsal support bracelet limits the impact and bulging of the metatarsus.

ERGONOMICS : This concentrated technology in less than 10 g, EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 Hallux Valgus Orthosis was specifically designed to act dynamically during your sporting activities (hiking, running, etc.). Its patented design incorporates EPITHELIUMFLEX® technology. The flexible, ultra-thin orthosis fits in all shoes.

PRESENTATION :EPITACT® SPORT Bunion Brace is sold individually. They are suitable for both the right and left foot.

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