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Compressport quad sleeve works during and after an effort. If you push limits while practising sport be it cycling, running, mountain climbing, trekking, the lightweight and compressive QUAD is a sure ally! Shock absorption, knee protection during effort and full recovery after effort are the three main reasons why you should go for it.

During effort, it supports the knee thus absorbing shocks and vibrations. Injuries are prevented; muscle weaknesses and fatigue are attenuated.

Recovery after the effort is accelerated when the quad stimulates and re-oxygenates blood flow, evacuates toxins, reduces pain and inflammation.

That same fabric has a massaging effect after each movement making you feel well and light.

It fits every curve of your thigh maximizing performance and comfort. No chafing is allowed.

It is water repellent and wicks away moisture. You stay dry and fresh in your Quad!

After exercise the quad continues to accelerate venous return, flushing the toxins from, and increasing oxygenation to, the muscles.

Muscle soreness is delayed, damaged muscles repair is quickened.

Worn under your tri suit, cycle or running shorts, unlike conventional compression shorts, the Quad doesn’t cover the groin, so it doesn’t need to be machine washed after each use.

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