Buff Coolnet UV Slim Headband


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Coolnet® UV Headband Slim: A slim and narrower version of the BUFF® Headband.

Athletic headband made from recycled plastic bottles. Soft, silicone grips hidden on the inside keep this sporty headband comfortably in place and tame hair and sweat while you’re on the move.

5.5 cm wide

HeiQ Smart Temp is an intelligent thermo-regulating technology for fabrics, which is triggered by body heat to maintain optimal body temperature.

Made with 95% of recycled content.

POLYGIENE® (Stay fresh) Highly effective antimicrobial technology that uses natural silver salt in low concentration to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for odor control.

Fabric wicks moisture away rapidly.

Silicone strips or dots for a non-slip performance fit.

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