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Designed to upgrade the support and comfort of active footwear.
Over-the-counter insoles and orthotics have been shown to provide relief to injuries including: Plantar Fasciitis • Tibialis Posterior Tendinitis • Metatarsalgia • Morton’s Neuroma

Fatigue Resistance: When your feet become fatigued they move in less predictable patterns. The additional support and fit underneath your foot makes movement more predictable.

Performance: You perform best when your footwear fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and becomes an extension of your body. Converting your shoes to a complete three-dimensional match of your foot is going to move you forward.
Adaptive Arch Support: Biomechanically shaped moldable base ensures support from the heel to the ball of the foot.

Heel Cradle: Optimizes your heel’s natural cushioning and fits inside the heel counter of shoes to reduce heel slippage commonly found with other insoles.

Flexible: Naturally flexes with your unique foot and still maintains its shape where you need the support.

Slim Fit: Ideal for close fitting active footwear including spikes, cleats, skates, clip-ins, and other tight-fitting footwear.

Perforated: Enhanced breathability and moisture control.

Moldable: Heat moldable base that keeps its support while adapting to your foot.

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