Nnormal Kjerag


Unisex Trail / Neutral / Low Drop (6 mm)


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Be fast. Go hard. Tread light. This max-performance trail running shoe born from strong beliefs and relentless research, Kjerag is NNormal’s highest-performing trail running shoe. Made by people as committed to protecting the planet as you. Every runner at every level gets lightweight reactivity, high-speed comfort, extreme grip and stability. From training to competing, Kjerag makes you uncatchable.

VIBRAM® Megagrip: snowy boulders, wet roots, muddy paths – whatever you’re tackling, VIBRAM® Megagrip is both super-sticky and extra-durable. With ground adaptation that makes your feet, muscles and joints one with nature.

VIBRAM® Litebase: the VIBRAM® Litebase outsole drastically reduces 30% of the overall sole weight, through a reduction of the sole thickness by 50%, while retaining the perfectly shaped, 3.5mm lugs.

Matryx® Jacquard: exceptionally breathable and durable upper is weaved from individually coated polyamide and Kevlar® yarns. Produced in Ardèche, France, the dyeing process uses between 50-95% less water than other methods.

EExpure midsole: a new generation of foam engineered specifically for trail-running shoes. The EExpure foam midsole sits in direct contact with your feet, for best-possible propulsion and compression, less slippage, and way fewer blisters!

LUG DEPTH: 3.5 mm
DROP: 6 mm
WEIGHT: 7.1 oz / 200 g

Unisex Size Grid: Men’s / Women’s

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