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The IceSpike Traction System has no bulky attachments. Powerful traction is achieved by installing the patented spikes directly to the sole of any shoe or boot. Spikes may be removed with no impact on sole.
Deluxe package includes 32 spikes plus one precision ICESPIKE installation tool.
Ice, slush, loose gravel; can transition from dry pavement to any condition.
You don’t even know you’re wearing them! IceSpike adds no additional weight, doesn’t affect gait and helps prevent muscle fatigue and injury associated with other traction devices. No need to slow down and pick your way through treacherous terrain.
IceSpike is specifically engineered for extreme hardness and long-lasting integrity of grip. IceSpike provides unsurpassed traction and stability.
Eliminates need for slip-on straps, chains, coils or other bulky attachments.
Easily installed on any running or walking shoes, work or hiking boots, or waders.

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