Brubeck Women’s Thermo Full Length Pants


Women’s Running Pants

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Brubeck’s THERMO collection is made in seamless technology from two-layered, breathable knitted fabric. The products have unique thermal-insulating properties that ensure maintenance of optimal body temperature. The structure of knitwear marks body shape, whereas elastic and fitted material ensures the freedom of movements. It works perfectly when doing sports in winter and during transition seasons.

Impeccable thermo-insulation
Protection against cooling down and overheating of the body
A net structure and ventilation ducts enhancing transport of moisture in the areas of increased sweating
Anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties
Odor-reducing properties already inherent in Nylon 6.6 are enhanced by the coffee charcoal, which absorbs and neutralizes odors effectively.
3D body mapped
4-way stretch performance

Next generation fibers
Seamless knitting
Two-layered breathable fabric
The specially-crafted coffee charcoal and oxide additive integrated into the yarn absorb and capture body heat for an extended period of time.

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