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Welcome to Gord’s Running Store in Calgary

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Hi there! I’m a running store owner by day, an aspiring dad by night, and this is my Gord’s Running Store website in Calgary. I live near my store, have always wanted a dog named Jack, and like helping people run like the wind!

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Everyone deserves to run – beginners, 10K-ers, marathoners, triathletes, ultra marathoners, barefooters… Visit our local Calgary running information page to make connections and plan your next run.

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Yes! We have all the latest running gear and we have a great team of folks ready to fit you into the perfect running shoes and running clothes. Learn about Gord’s personal service approach in our Calgary running store.

Located Just North of Downtown Calgary

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Running Store phone number 403.270.8606
Hours of operation
  • Monday 10-5
  • Tuesday 10-6
  • Wednesday 10-6
  • Thursday 10-6 new!
  • Friday 10-6
  • Saturday 10-5
  • Sunday 11-4
  • Holidays closed


Your Local Calgary Running Store

Gord’s Running Store is your local Calgary running store where you will find running shoes Calgary, running info, running gear and brands, running clothes and any other equipment you need to run your first 5K or complete your last ultra marathon. We are also community minded. That means we support people with their running efforts and their running lives. We hope to see you in our store and at local events and races in Calgary and beyond. Gord’s Running Store = Local and Independent Calgary Running Store with heart.

Gord’s Running Store is your running shoes Calgary destination. We provide personal service that starts with finding the best match for your running goals and physiology. Basically, we hand you running shoes that let you run like the wind!


We have  a new Women’s running shoes page available if you would care to visit and learn about the best women’s running shoes in Calgary, and beyond, of course. You will find running shoes for women at Gord’s Running Store.

Gord's Running Store in Calgary

At we have all the latest running gear and we have a great team of folks ready to fit you into the perfect running sneakers and running gear. Thank you for learning about Gord’s personal service approach and visiting: