HydraPak 250 ml Softflask


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Whether it’s trails, rivers or slopes, nutrition is just a bite away. The collapsible, lightweight SoftFlask 250 is easy to fill and even easier to consume with our soft silicone bite valve. And since it holds up to 8 servings of your favorite nutrition concoction, you can go the distance without running out.

Soft nozzle: wide opening silicone nozzle is designed to dispense gels and liquids with a variety of consistencies. Makes fueling for long efforts more convenient, less wasteful and less sticky.
Easy open cap: protects the bite nozzle from dirt and debris. Can be flipped open and closed with one hand.
8 gel servings: standard 28 mm opening lets you fill the SoftFlask easily, holds 8 servings of energy gels or nutrition.
Small Volume: smaller sized flask, meant to be carried in multiples – slides easily into short pockets, waist packs, belts and even PFDs.

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