Salomon Trail gaiters LOW


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Get dirty. Get dusty. Gravelly, snowy, thorny, grassy, whatever the loose, aggravating terrain you decide to forge, trail gaiters will prevent it from reaching your feet. It connects easily to your shoes, and even helps protect your ankles.

Ease of use: When the trail becomes more of a rubble pile, simply slide these gaiters over your shoes and Velcro® them closed.

Durability: A bomb-proof strap under the foot, durable mesh around the ankle, and lightweight padding on the ankle bone mean more adventures.

Protection: Scree fields can cause debris in the shoe: these low gaiters act as a barrier between the rough stuff and your feet.

Weight: 121 g
Back body: 100% Polyester
Body: 78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane

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