Mizuno Wave Inspire 20


Men’s Running / Stability / Traditional Drop (12 mm)

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This supportive shoe is especially great for runners who overpronate. It includes a MIZUNO WAVE shape for stability that prevents the foot arch from collapsing.

MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM): Offering versatility in its application, while still maintaining softness and resilience. It helps enhance performance capabilities.
MIZUNO WAVE®: The MIZUNO WAVE® plate disperses energy from impact to a broader area providing a stable platform and a superior cushioning.
Jacquard Mesh Upper
Gusseted Tongue: Stretchy tongue lining that hugs the foot securely and comfortably without any stress.
X10 Outsole: Durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear.
Eco Friendly Materials: Recycled materials.
Category: Support

STACK HEIGHT: 38 mm heel, 26 mm forefoot
DROP: 12 mm
WEIGHT: 10.8 oz / 306 g

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